Level I workshops


These intensive weekend workshops will provide you with all the basic tools and skills that you need in order to communicate with animals and other species.  You will also receive a workbook and ongoing resources to support your continued practice.

17-19 August 2018 – Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND 

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2019 – AUSTRALIA: February/March

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In addition to learning the basic tools and skills for communicating with other species, during these weeklong workshops you will have opportunities to explore the world through the eyes of other beings, to learn tracking skills and to spend time quietly and meditatively in nature.   You will also communicate with ‘collectives’ such as swarms of bees, colonies of seals or flocks of birds, as well as expanding your interspecies communication skills to include plants and the elements.


ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & NATURE CONNECTION II:  4-10 August 2018 – Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community and ecovillage in north east Scotland.  Established more than 55 years ago, it has been an inspiration to thousands with its principles of inner listening and co-creation with the intelligence of nature.

Immersed in the natural beauty of the Moray coast, this weeklong experiential workshop will deepen your connection with the natural world – an important aspect of developing interspecies communication skills.

For more information visit www.findhorn.org/programmes/animal-communication-i/

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ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & NATURE CONNECTION II:  3-9 August 2019 – Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

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