Level I workshops: 2019 dates



These intensive weekend workshops are packed full of tools and practice sessions.  They will equip you with all the basic knowledge and skills that you need in order to communicate with animals and other species.  You will also receive a workbook and ongoing resources to support your continued practice.

[These are currently being offered in Australia and the UK, with more under discussion in Europe. If you would like to have a workshop where you are, please send an email via the contact page.]



Workshops for February, March and April 2020 are currently under discussion.  Exact dates and venues will be confirmed in Autumn 2019.

Schedule: The weekend workshops run Friday through Sunday afternoon.  We hope to also offer the horse workshop again, which will be Thursday through Sunday, and includes time spent with and learning from horses.



Forest Row, East Sussex, 19-21 July 2019 for more details please visit: www.trybooking.co.uk/7330.


We hope to offer weekend workshops in France and Italy in Summer 2020.

More dates will appear here as soon as workshops are confirmed, as well as on our Facebook page.  If you would like to receive a personal notification, please join our mailing list via the Contact page.




During the weeklong residential workshops, in addition to learning the basic tools and skills for communicating with other species, you will explore the world through the eyes of other beings, learn tracking skills and spend time quietly and meditatively in nature.   You will also communicate with ‘collectives’ such as swarms of bees, colonies of seals or flocks of birds, as well as expanding your interspecies communication skills to include plants and the elements.


ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & DEEP NATURE CONNECTION I:  3-9 August 2019 – Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community and one of the world’s original ecovillages situated in north east Scotland.  Established more than 55 years ago, it has been an inspiration to thousands with its principles of inner listening and co-creation with the intelligence of nature.

Immersed in the natural beauty of the Moray coast, this weeklong experiential workshop will cover all of the basic techniques and applications of telepathic animal communication, while also deepening your connection with the natural world – an important aspect of developing your interspecies communication skills.

For more details and to book please visit www.findhorn.org/programmes/animal-communication-1/

At present the weeklong version of this workshop is only being offered in the UK.  However we are continually exploring options in other parts of the world, and would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in helping to make this happen.