Whether you want to learn the basics or deepen your existing practice we have a workshop for you.  You can choose from weekend workshops to weeklong residential retreats.


In the introductory level workshops you will learn what telepathic animal communication is and how it works.  You will be taught the basic skills including how to send and receive messages effectively, and understanding how animals express themselves.

You will also begin to recognise your own particular way of receiving subtle communication, so that you know when you are in communication, and there will be several opportunities to practice communicating with animals remotely, as well as in the physical, to empower you in developing your skills.

You will learn a variety techniques for applying telepathic communication, including helping to identify physical symptoms, working with behavioural issues, learning about animals’ perspective on the world and how to communicate in terms that they understand.

Offered as an intensive weekend workshop or a residential weeklong immersion.


These intensive weekend workshops will provide you with all the basic tools and skills that you need in order to communicate with animals and other species.  You will also receive a workbook and ongoing resources to support your continued practice….

2-4 March 2018 – Tyagarah, Northern Rivers, NSW, AUSTRALIA

9-11 March 2018 – Curl Curl, Northern Beaches, NSW, AUSTRALIA

16-18 March 2018 – Umina, Central Coast, NSW, AUSTRALIA

23-25 March 2018 – Lawson, Blue Mountains, NSW, AUSTRALIA

20-22 April 2018 – Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUSTRALIA

19-21 August 2018 – Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

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The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community and ecovillage in north east Scotland.  Established more than 55 years ago, it has been an inspiration to thousands with its principles of inner listening and co-creation with the intelligence of nature.

Immersed in the natural beauty of the Moray coast, this weeklong experiential workshop will deepen your connection with the natural world – an important aspect of developing interspecies communication skills.

In addition to learning the basic tools and skills for being able to communicate with other species, you will have opportunities to explore the world through the eyes of other beings, learn tracking skills and spend time quietly and meditatively in nature.   You will also learn how to communicate with ‘collectives’ such as swarms of bees, colonies of seals or flocks of birds, as well as expanding your interspecies communication skills to include plants and the elements.

12-18 May 2018 – Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

4-10 August 2018 – Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

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If you have already learned the basic skills and have been practicing them for six months, these follow-on workshops offer an opportunity to deepen your practice….

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION RETREAT:     9-15 June 2018, Isle of Erraid, Fionnphort, Isle of Mull, SCOTLAND, UK

A weeklong retreat on a small island community off the west coast of Scotland.  This week focuses on practicing communication techniques, and spending time in nature.  There will not be any teaching component – it is intended as an opportunity to enjoy a retreat in a wild nature setting while deepening your interspecies communication practice.  For more information about the venue, visit  For information about the programme please visit


ANIMAL COMMUNICATION & NATURE CONNECTION II:     8-14 September 2018, Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, SCOTLAND, UK

A weeklong residential programme at the Findhorn spiritual community and ecovillage in north east Scotland.  This week builds upon the basic skills already learned, provides tools to overcome blocks and obstacles, explores the ethics of being an animal communicator, and offers lots and lots of opportunities for practice!  The week also includes a whole day spent in nature in silence.

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