Lesley Downie

Together Lesley and Jacqueline co-lead weeklong workshops at the Findhorn Foundation.  Here is Lesley’s story…

Lesley cuLesley grew up with a deep love of nature and being outside in her pram every day, as a baby, certainly contributed to this. Lesley’s childhood connection with plants and animals, led her into studying botany and zoology, rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned or injured wild things and going on expeditions to study puffins in Iceland and frogs in Trinidad.

Lesley’s communication with the natural world deepened through healing her own birth and pre-birth experiences which raised her awareness to the sensitivity and intelligence present in early life, including before birth and at cellular and energetic levels. As a Craniosacral practitioner Lesley specialises in healing birth and early trauma including working with babies. Listening, observing and communicating in subtle ways, are fundamental to this work and led her naturally into communication with all species.

Lesley followed her curiosity, and respect for the intelligent awareness in all life, into the wild, becoming increasingly sensitive to any unusual or synchronous connection with other species. She often felt blessed when this happened, and sensed she was being given a message. Gratitude welled up, followed by a huge feeling of sadness and loss, and then frustration that she didn’t understand the message. As if somehow she had forgotten a language.

This frustration and longing to remember how to connect, led her to Findhorn, to workshops with Dorothy Maclean on Co-creation with Nature, and then to holding the Original Garden at Findhorn for four years. Lesley’s connection to Nature and the non-human world deepened as she led guests in the co-creative practices of attunement, communicating and listening in the garden, to the land and soil, the plants and animals, as well as awakening awareness to the subtle realms.

Lesley with pigeonDuring this time Anna Breytenbach was invited to hold an introductory workshop in Animal Communication at Findhorn. Lesley immediately signed up. She has now been tutored and mentored in interspecies communication by Anna both in Scotland and in African wilderness over the last 7 years. She has also studied tracking and sensory awareness with leaders in the UK and from the US, as well as with African Bushmen and wilderness guides.

Lesley is passionate about supporting other humans to reach beyond our ‘people centred’ culture, to learn from and become a voice for ‘the others’ in this more than human world.

Lesley is also a creative artist and holistic health practitioner and has a degree in Biology.