My Story

JACQUELINE BUCKINGHAM has been communicating with animals and plants since the age of three, growing up on her family’s farm in the south of England.  She stopped using these skills as she got older and they took a back seat during much of her adult life.

It was when she began studying Reiki in 2001 that her intuitive sensitivity was reawakened.  This was deepened further after moving to one of the world’s oldest spiritual communities, the Findhorn Foundation, whose founding principles include ‘co-creation with the intelligence of nature’.

However it was an innocent conversation over a cup of coffee with world-renowned animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach, that was to set her life on a new course: one where animal communication has taken centre stage.


Photos to sort out 1228During her time in Australia Jacqueline spent time with aboriginal elders in the central desert, learning about their traditions and spirituality.  Their deep spiritual connection with all living things touched her profoundly and reminded her of her own love and deep respect for nature that was instilled in her as a child.  While in Australia she was also mentored by a Lakota (Sioux) woman who showed her the ways of the sweat lodge, and the importance of the medicine wheel and honouring the elements.

In 2011 Jacqueline took part in The Art of Mentoring, a weeklong retreat created by Jon Young focussing on deep nature immersion – this experience strengthened her resolve to do more to bring people into closer relationship with the natural world. Jon Young is the founder of the Wilderness Awareness School in the USA and the 8Shields network, and is also a mentor and friend of Anna Breytenbach.  It was while participating in one of Jon’s wilderness tracking weeks that Anna became acutely aware of the extent of her telepathic communication abilities.  The synchronicity of these connections has threaded through Jacqueline’s journey to where she is now.

IMG_6036Jacqueline continued to deepen her nature immersion studies through Jon’s Art of Mentoring and 8 Shields work, and in 2014 she was one of the lead team members delivering the Art of Mentoring UK event in Falkland, Scotland.  She has also gathered skills in facilitating deep ecology with Joanna Macy, John Seed and the San Francisco-Quito based organisation, the Pachamama Alliance.  Jacqueline regularly leads workshops in Deep Ecology, Permaculture, and personal empowerment.



Jacqueline first met Anna Breytenbach in 2012 when she filmed Anna’s talk to the Findhorn Foundation community, and in 2013 and 2014 she helped deliver Anna’s Interspecies Communication workshops at Findhorn.

In 2014 Anna was being called to expand her work more globally, however she felt that it was important that interspecies communication continued to be taught at the Findhorn Foundation. Consequently Anna ‘passed the baton’ to Jacqueline, gifting her teaching resources and mentoring Jacqueline as a teacher of this work.

IMG_5616In 2015 Jacqueline created a weeklong residential Animal Communication and Nature Immersion programme, blending Anna’s interspecies communication work with Jon Young’s nature immersion and tracking skills.  Together with her colleague and fellow Findhorn community member, Lesley Downie, she offers these weeklong workshops at Findhorn; and, in response to increasing demand, they also offer follow-on ‘deepening’ weeks as well as weeklong retreats.

In 2018 Jacqueline expanded her work delivering weekend trainings in animal communication in her second home of Australia.  She continues to teach in both Australia and the UK every year.

In 2020, with the changes brought about by the coronavirus, Jacqueline has created an online version of her weekend training, which is delivered across two consecutive half days, on two consecutive weeks (four half-days in total).



Jacqueline’s passion is reconnect each person to their love of nature and to encourage and enable humans to listen to and understand the myriad beings who share this planet with us; so creating greater understanding, respect and harmony between all living beings.

One of Jacqueline’s most inspiring moments was in December 2017 when she travelled to Namibia in Anna’s place, to teach Animal Communication on a weeklong safari on the Skeleton Coast.  There she had heart-opening encounters with desert-adapted elephants, giraffe and a very special encounter with a desert lion.