Stephanie S – Canada

This is a wonderful and inclusive programme that allows participants to learn and share at their own pace.  When working in such vulnerable realms as Interspecies Communication, it is crucial that those guiding the group be both sensitive and clear. I found Jacqueline to have these attributes as well as a calm confidence that allowed participants to discover, grow and develop their skills at their own pace. I would recommend the workshop to anyone wishing to deepen and expand their understanding of our natural world.


Rona M – Scotland

The programme provides excellent templates and support to explore and engage with interspecies communication skills, and I appreciated the openness of the facilitators.


Jane S – UK

An excellent programme – good content, fantastic delivery.  I felt very well-held by the facilitators.


Victor M – USA

I discovered that all of us receives communication differently, and that it is not so much about learning the skills but removing the blocks to what we can all do.


Sue – UK

A good introductory course providing the necessary elements for me to go away and develop my skills.


Maya N – USA

This workshop was confirmation of what I have been doing all along. Thank you.