Jacqueline is also available for consultations with your animal companion.  If there is anything that is concerning you about your animal friend, Jacqueline can ask them about it.

Areas that can be helped with animal communication include:

  • understanding unusual behaviour (and working with the animal to change it, if required)
  • learning more about their eating habits
  • improving training methods
  • helping rescue animals to settle
  • helping an animal through sickness, and hospicing them through their final journey
  • reconnecting with an animal companion that has passed over

Each consultation includes two communication sessions with the animal and a transcription of each conversation, plus a follow-up phone call after the first communication to allow you to ask more questions and deepen your understanding of the message that the animal relayed.

Consultations take place remotely using a photograph of the animal and other information that Jacqueline will ask you for at the time of booking an appointment.

Price:  £180 (includes two communications with transcripts and a follow-up phone call)